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Up And Running With Arduino 2015

Author: kakalot on 29-06-2015, 08:07, Views: 701

Up And Running With Arduino 2015

Up And Running With Arduino 2015 | 402 MB

Microcontrollers power everything from your thermostat to your kid's RC car. Arduino, the family of open-source single-board microcontrollers, puts that power in the consumer's hands, allowing serious programmers and hobbyists alike to program their own interactive objects. Join Peggy Fisher in this course and learn to start programming your own projects with Arduino.

If you're new to do-it-yourself computing, start by learning how to get your Mac or Windows computer communicating with Arduino and reviewing the basics of electronic components and circuits. Then tour the most basic Arduino model, the Uno, and learn to write your first program. Peggy also reviews the five other major Arduino offerings: the Leonardo, the Yun, the Esplora, the Robot, and, for wearable tech, the LilyPad. Along the way, Peggy shows how to put your knowledge to work in several sample projects, including a Morse code translator and a light-driven music instrument.

Topics include:
* Installing Arduino software on Mac and Windows
* Understanding circuit diagrams
* Using a solderless breadboard
* Writing your first project for the Arduino Uno
* Programming the Arduino Leonardo
* Connecting wirelessly to the Arduino Yun
* Displaying and moving with the Arduino Esplora
* Driving with the Arduino Robot
* Sensing and adjusting light
* Creating wearable tech with Arduino LilyPad
* Troubleshooting techniques

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